professional gas welding torch

A global player has to defend its leading position by introducing new patent protected technological features to its products and to set thus a standard, which keeps competitors at distance. For this purpose, quickpartners+ introduced several design features to the blowpipe as quick-connectors, precision valves and silicon tool grips, which define a new level of performance to this kind of heavy-duty tools. The geometry of the oxyacetylene torch was developed on the basis of on-site studies of real work conditions and helped to achieve very good ergonomic characteristics for fatigue-proof and practical use.

The developed product structure provides interchangeable components, which allow customizing the design cost-efficiently for different brands.

  • achieve a strong signal of innovation in order to defend the clients leadership in this sector
  • provide design features that allow efficient diversification between two in-house brands
  • complete redesign of the products component structure
  • design concept
  • product design
  • complex 3D-CAD surface modelling
  • product graphics